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Two weeks ago I was asked to give a speech about my work as a photographer, and how the art form has changed the way I see the world. I was speaking to a local forum of creative women, and the topic was Focusing on What Matters. … As I was preparing to give this… Read more »


I hold on in life. Not to things. Things can come and go and generally it doesn’t bother me. I love to get rid of stuff that is not longer serving me in the hopes that someone else can use it. … What I hold on to is memories. Feelings. That place of where I… Read more »


“I want to live life, not conquer it” ~ Cheryl Richardson   Last weekend we were in the mountains of Colorado, learning as a family to ski. I have skiied many times before, but I pretended to be a beginner. I did this to spend the day in beginner lessons with the rest of my… Read more »


It’s a New Year! I love a fresh start. The white and gray of January works for me. The clean palette offers a place to rest. Serenity. Surrendering to the process of lying fallow and dormant waiting for the eventual new growth. This is a day that many people set intentions, goals, and resolutions. I… Read more »

My Favorite Stage

“This is my favorite stage”, I remember thinking when my youngest was around a year, and my oldest was about three. Sure, it was hard work, but they were so precious. My oldest was so interesting to me, and my youngest was still such a baby, but yet so big at the same time. It… Read more »

Senior Portrait Session

This is Simone. I had the honor and pleasure of working with Simone to capture her senior portraits last week. Simone loves acting and theater, and is obsessed with anything written or produced by Shonda Rhimes. Her favorite song is by Bruno Mars, and one of her favorite memories from the summer was going to… Read more »