Sometimes you have to tear down to rebuild.

Sometimes in the walls coming down, new ones need to be constructed. New boundaries. New foundations.

Sometimes the ways it all used to fit doesn’t seem to anymore, and you have to decide what gets put back and what gets left aside.

Last week we started a remodeling project at our house, and the rebuilding process is likely to have headaches, hiccups, and difficulties. And while we willingly and knowingly chose to do this project, we may not have chosen the lessons that it will teach us. Patience. Decision-making. Communication. Cost. All lessons that come to us in many ways over the course of our lives.

Sometimes when you rebuild, there is pain involved. But always when you rebuild, something new takes shape. Takes form. Through the dust, the debris, something new arises.

And always it is beautiful. Always it is as it should be. Right where you were meant to be, whether that was in your original blueprint or not.



Gina Graham is a photographer, writer, and currently channeling her inner Joanna Gaines. For more about lifelensandlove photography, or to read more of the blog, visit

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