“I need some help”. These are words I have been saying more often around my house. Looking someone in the eye, usually a boy under the age of 11, and asking them to step up.

Us Moms don’t often ask for help. This is particularly difficult for us Perfectionistic Moms. Too often we assume responsibility for something, without stopping to consider if someone else could help us out a little with the lifting. The resulting feeling of being spread too thin not only affects us and the way we feel, but far too easily spills over into the household, causing yet another mess that we feel guilty and responsible for.

I love being a Mom. I believe that it is the great calling on my life. But it is not my only calling. None of us has just one dimension. We all are given opportunities to have many facets, many sides of the gem. But every day there is a pull to do more than we feel capable of. ¬†And I am coming to learn that in not asking for help, I only have myself to blame when I feel overwhelmed. We are only given so many breaths, one life. And while laundry and dishes and chores do need to get done, these are not the things I will look back on and feel most proud of. The daily tasks of living will not be in the highlight reel. So, how to make space for more of the magical moments? It’s only when we accept the help of others that we open up a space. And those that help us? Well they get to feel needed. They get to use their gifts and talents and are given a sense of purpose of their own in their contribution.

For us Moms, there is always a question of timing, waiting, and holding off on some things until our kids are older and out from underneath our care. And while I believe in the power of Diving Timing, I refuse to wait until my kids are grown to dream and dance with creativity and opportunity. It may not always look the way I want it to look. I may need to continue to make concessions and sacrifices. But the overall picture needs to allow for creative expression, and a sense of self that transcends the daily grind, the piles of socks, and what’s for dinner.

I don’t want to watch the clock. I don’t want to wish time away. Yes. I am a Mom. But I am so much more. We all are. And sometimes, in fact, often, we need to ask for help so that we can feel a greater integration of all of the ways that we are called in this life to be who we are meant to be.

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