Two weeks ago I was asked to give a speech about my work as a photographer, and how the art form has changed the way I see the world. I was speaking to a local forum of creative women, and the topic was Focusing on What Matters.

As I was preparing to give this talk, I was talking to my family about it one night. Over the years, my kids have seen me run out for photoshoots at the weekends, sometimes missing a game or taking them somewhere. They have seen me editing for long stretches at my computer. As we were talking, I was telling them that I was being asked to talk about why I do photography. My eight year-old piped up and asked me, “Yeah Mom, why do you do photography?”.¬†I explained to him that being a Mom and spending time with them was the most important thing I was ever going to do. And that photography was a way of remembering those times. I went on to tell him that I take photos for other families in the evenings and on the weekends so that other Moms can have the same thing.

The month of May at lifelensandlove photography is going to be a Motherhood Extravaganza. Because I can’t imagine life without my Mom. And there are so many amazing Moms out there that inspire me and blow me away every day with their grace, strength, wisdom, and courage. So for the month of May, all family sessions with Mom included will receive a $25 print credit. Also back this year; My Nom a Mom Campaign. Reach out through the website, email, Facebook or Instagram and tell me about an amazing Mom you know who deserves something extra special this year. All names will be ¬†entered in a drawing to receive a complimentary 20 minute mini session with her kids, for a total of 8 images gifted.

I can’t wait to hear from you! And if you are interested to hear my talk about Focusing on What Matters, check it out at

Or search for Gina Graham photographer on YouTube.


Gina Graham is a photographer, writer, and most of all Mom at lifelensandlove photography. For more info, visit lifelensandlove.com