Moms: Every day you embrace your kids. Your hand, your hug. It’s a feeling that is familiar to you all. When you reflect on it, there are so many familiar things about your kids to you. Now. But think back a few years ago. Are there some things you have already forgotten? Are there some things that you swore you would sear on your heart forever, only to struggle to recall now?
When I look back years from now, I am going to be eternally grateful to have this image. I will see so much familiarity, so much nuance, and so many memories in this one shot of me and my son. Maybe I’ll be able to remember how he once fit in the crook of my arm. Maybe he’ll be able to remember what my hands looked like.
Mother’s Day is coming up. It’s the one day of the year where the importance of what we do and why we do it gets to be center stage. And I want every Mom out there to get to feel like she can shine. Like someone will help her capture and remember all of the little things that are so familiar. Now. But maybe not familiar forever.
The month of May at lifelensandlove photography is a celebration of all things Motherhood. Any family session with Mom will receive a $25 print credit. And I am happy to announce that my Nom a Mom Campaign is back! If you know a special Mom out there who deserves something extra special this year, hit me up at the website, my email, on Facebook, or Instagram. I want to hear her story! Her name will be entered in a raffle for a complimentary 20 minute mini session with her kiddos with 8 images to keep!
Photo credit to the stellar and otherworldly @paperantler.


mother and son

Gina Graham is a photographer, writer, and most of all Mom at lifelensandlove photography. For more info, visit lifelensandlove.com